Solaire's ESP's

Are you Tired of being stuck in elo hell ?
Are you tired of smurfers walking all over you ?
Are you tired of not having the rank you DESERVE ?

Then this is the place for you !
My hacks are DRM FREE, UNDETECTED and 100% SAFE wall hacks for you to use as long as you want!
with a one time easy payment of only 10$ you can permentantly own this great tool

As you can see the walls work well from a fair distance showing the team and the enemies

Note that the flickering can be removed in exchange for higher cpu usage


If you would like to purchase your private ESP then add me on discord or steam
I will be able to screenshare and prove to you its functionality
The ESP will then be sent once the payment received (Paypal or bitcoin)

Join the community !

You can join all the others who have purchased their private ESP on my subreddit
Feel free to leave a review ! i will try my best to improve